Open Air Interactive Photo Booth
The photographer takes a picture, the guests poses and chooses from a huge variety of frames from the package you order. All Packages include a wide variety of Backdrops to choose from to best compliment your theme/color scheme, fun posing props, and a minimum of two assistants. Add-ons and upgraded packages are listed below.

Basic Package

Includes a huge selection of Fun Frames, Acrylic Frames and Photo Clip Holders

Basic Package

 Keychains, iPod, Photo Viewer

Colored Keychains, Clear Keychains, Photo Viewers, and iPod Magnets

Curved Colored Hard
Textured Frames

Curved Colored Hard Frames

Double Sided Acrylic Colored Frames

Double Sided Colored Acrylic Frames

Zebra, Leopard, Denim, and Assorted Colored
Furry Material Frames

Material Frames

Sports Frames

Softball, Football, Soccer, and Basketball Hard Frames

Beautiful Glass Frames

Glass Frames

Snow Globes

Snow Globes

Bobble Heads
Ceramic figures which are approximately 6" tall and come in a huge variety of options such as Hip Hop Girl, Cheerleader, and all types of sports and processional themed dolls.

Bobble Heads


An Assortment
of Magnets

Hollywood Frames

Leather Frames

Leather Frames

Custom frames
Includes Photo Jewelry, Bookmarks, Napkin Holders, Compact Mirror Cases, Mousepads, etc.

Custom Frames