Up-lights, Wall Washing, Flood Lights & Pin spots will enhance your entire décor by creating the colors of your dreams. We will match the lights to any color scheme.

Our mixed light paints walls and ceiling - Event Planner NY (800) 736-8888

Lighting 1

GOBOs & 3D Monograms

GOBOs are filtered lights which project designs onto ceilings, walls, and/or floors to create specific statement looks. (ex. starry night, garden, ocean waves, etc.) GOBOs can also be customized and personalized with names, dates, etc.

Exterior GOBO

Your Logo, name or any billboard, announcement or advertisement on exterior walls of building or event.

Exterior giant gobo daylight… by Event Planner NY (800) 736-8888



Spotlights are aimed at specific objects and points in the room to create focus (on centerpieces, dance floor, tables, food, stage, etc.)